Welcome to the Intensive English Program at Bangkok Christian College.

The BCC-IEP program promotes independent learning by equipping students with specific skills to continue learning English throughout their lives. We are fortunate to have a faculty of more than 50 qualified native speaking teachers who are able to bring out the best in each student. Small class size permits students to receive individual attention and opportunities to practice English as they learn it.

Our curriculum is based on the Ministry of Education requirements for reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary. The BCC Intensive English Program provides English language enrichment to develop and consolidate skills in these areas. Standardized activities ensure all the students are similarly prepared for tests at the end of each quarter. Parents are kept informed with learning journals for every unit, and detailed student grade reports at the end of every semester, which also make parents aware of other issues such as behavior and motivation that affect learning.

Our objectives are to encourage students to be active and constructive in using English as a tool to, seek knowledge and to interact effectively with others at school, and later, in the broader world-community.